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How We Work

We've been creating great outcomes since 2005, but we pride ourselves on being lifelong learners.

You don't start a company because you have an exit strategy, you start a company because it's an obsession. The company simply has to exist. You hire people who you think will really love working in your company. You define how you will make money. You know your core competencies, and you focus on being amazing at them. That's what it takes to build a great business. At Workhabit, we're passionate about creating, and we got into business because we were building our own companies and really enjoyed working on other people's projects even while we were building successful businesses.

We feel there's a big difference between "understanding" technology, being able to knowledgeably talk about it, and having true "expertise." Workhabit quickly became a profitable company, and for nearly a decade we've enjoyed meeting fantastic people and working on projects with exceptional outcomes. Our goal is always to broaden the expertise we bring both to projects and the rest of our careers. We seek difficult endeavors, ones that have lots of complicated components in need of elegant solutions. We love a challenge because we want to work on things that teach us. That's the major difference between Workhabit and everyone else: we focus on learning, and we built a company obsessed with end results, staffed by passionate senior talent to get us there.


WorkHabit knows you want exceptional results.

Workhabit's process is wholly end-results focused. We utilize a careful toolkit of collaboration and metrics-oriented tracking tools to ensure we are moving in parallel with your goals throughout the project.


Keeping you informed and involved is working together as a team.

We believe that a great outcomes start with clear communication. Every week, on every engagement, we provide our clients with an updated status report so we can solve questions and issues as quickly as possible.


Perfect Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

While we employ Agile principals in our work, we also craft our project outcomes into clear deliverables to help structure the outcomes: plan the work, work the plan. Our obsession with planning gets it right the first time.


Workhabit is unique among independent service providers.

Workhabit is unique in that nearly every member of our team is deeply experienced. Our business is built on tough problems for big clients, so we focus on hiring the best and delivering predicted and outstanding results.

Agile Principles

Using our own brand of the Agile process we merge, modify, focus and integrate to achieve precise outcomes from imprecise inputs.

Careful planning, daily communication and team accountability is essential for project success. Once we have sign-off on the plan, we're off and running. But let's face it, changes happen. Not to worry -- we manage change carefully to stay on track; we get approval from your team; integrate change into the work plan, and adjust timelines to reflect change. One of your customers or senior management wants an early preview? We'll gladly accommodate. By applying Agile principles, your development sprints will show interested parties how quickly your project is coming together. Each sprint has defined deliverables so if there is a change, we're usually no more than one sprint away from being back on track. The best architecture, requirements, and outcomes come from small, self-organizing teams, and our structure is designed to support it. Every project has a Technical Lead dedicated to you who is accountable for delivery, and a Partner in the business is assigned to work with you one-on-one during and after your project.

Data Informed, User Driven

Obvious metrics are not obvious, as many business indicators and user indicators run counter to intuitive thinking. Actually knowing the behavior of your users and business metrics is an invaluable tool in guiding decisions and exceeding initiative outcome goals. Workhabit believes deeply in data informed decisions, and in our work we’re constantly researching and learning across projects about what works for delivering the analytics and metrics that are most valuable to our clients. Whether it’s advertising monetization, startup or initiative strategy, or a host of other topics, we have the experience to help you make the right decisions.

Ship, Iterate, and Repeat

Great project results come from great project management. Project management is a discipline, a process, an obsession and a profession. There is some magic in repeatedly creating, for each individual client, exceptional results. The magic is project management. An experienced, dedicated team, with focus, communication, skills and accountability can achieve greatness. The Workhabit Rapid Deployment approach gets a working prototype up and operational quickly so you can monitor workflow and layout. We consider a working prototype an essential step in the process. A series of iterations, in the form of sprints, coupled with formal and informal meetings allows the team to stay connected and motivated as the project unfolds. When the team has signed off and Workhabit ships your project we remain involved with support and requested changes and improvements.

A Long Term Partner That Helps You Exceed Your Goals

Workhabit would like to be part of our clients ecosystem. To get the highest yield for your digital assets Workhabit should understand your business, your digital asset inventory, your opportunities and how you want to optimize your digital solutions. For example, Major League Soccer and Workhabit have been improving the MLS website, team sites, real time scores and merchandise store since 2010. We have integrated technologies, developed technology, and worked to improve the utility of MLS digital properties. Workhabit works to identify and integrate solutions that are best for our clients. Our view is simple: If your digital properties look good on you, they look good on us. Digital publishing is different than other publishing. It's a churning, ongoing process that is more like television than print. If a message, a picture or a headline has been around too long it becomes stale. Maintaining your digital assets is more than just rotating a headline or a picture; it's about a plan that engages your audience and motivates them to transact with you. Workhabit helps our partners become self-sustaining. It's part of our Open Source heritage; we always offer the tools and know-how to manage your assets. We take great pride in delivering support to our clients, because we want to be ensure your continued success after the initial project is launched.

Small Teams, Great Results

We keep our company intentionally small. The reason? We believe that small teams of exceptional people can accomplish miracles, and pull together to get things done like no other structure. Going above and beyond to make sure things get done properly, taking projects personally, and identifying and fixing weaknesses in process and structure is the small team's advantage. A great team is built on trust. The trust between a vendor and a client, the trust between individuals on a team or blended team with client involvement, and the faith that the person across the table is going to do the best thing for you as a client rather than the best thing for their company. This is the major advantage we have as a small, agile, lightweight organization, and we pride ourselves on small teams that get things done right the first time, every time. While we can staff up for larger projects, and often do, we still run those projects with an intimate approach. Real support and business results comes from individuals who care deeply about the outcome of what they are working on.