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What We Do

You need clear vision, great execution, and clear goals. And a great partner.

Workhabit leverages Drupal to build great brands and meaningful experiences for users on every channel and any device. And while Drupal runs 6.7% of the Web, many of them very large scale sites, it has had room to improve its support of emerging technologies like Real-time, Mobile Web, Mobile Applications and Social platforms. At least it did, until recently. That's what Workhabit has done with Drupal. We've extended and tooled Drupal to be more useful to large-scale clients, who have a very different set of needs than the majority of Drupal users, and that approach sets us apart.

Your Content. Every Device.

In our vision of the world, Drupal is the hub that provides services to every channel, while serving as a front-end to Enterprise data sources, external web services, and outside SaaS systems like Salesforce. Our experience building and productizing these platforms has given us fairly unique capabilities that enable Workhabit to deliver Drupal content to virtually every device. We can develop, deploy and manage mobile content to iPads, smartphones, Apps, and Social Media apps and platforms like Facebook and Twitter. And we do it for some of the biggest companies in the world. We hope you'll consider calling us for your next project or initiative. We'd love to see if we could be a good fit.



Drupal is far more stable, extensible and advanced than many proprietary commercial alternatives. For over a decade, the Drupal developer community has invested thousands of hours in advancing the platform and integrating thousands of plug-and-play modules that provide advanced functionality, and making Drupal work well for users around the world. Workhabit is one of the most experienced companies in the Drupal ecosystem, one of the few companies focused on Software Development Lifecycle Support, and we’ve been working full time with Drupal since 2005. Workhabit is now leading in taking Drupal into the post-PC era with Mobile Web, Tablet, iPhone, Android, Facebook and other integrations.

Mobile Web

Mobile devices (primarily Tablets and Phones) account for over 7% of all US Web Traffic, and some of the sites we manage account for over 50% of page views. This is NOT the Year of Mobile; this is The Age of Mobile. It's not a coming shift: it's already shifted and it's only going to accelerate from here. When your customers want you, you need to be there, on a phone, tablet or on the web. Or you competitors will be. If you have started, let Workhabit show you how Drupal can reduce your digital TCO while engaging mobile users. We'll help you plan your mobile B2C, B2B and internal communications platform, then execute your solution on a rock solid platform, on time and within budget.

iPad & Tablets

At Workhabit, we build enterprise-grade solutions for mobile devices. Now the definition of mobile is changing because of the growth of tablets. Apple is on track to sell more than 60 million iPads in 2012 and that’s before the record breaking release weekend of the new iPad. In just 18 months iPads have surpassed iPhones for Web browsing. We see tablets supplanting PCs as a platform within months not years. But this time enterprise is an early adopter: iPads are making students more productive, doubling sales at companies that deploy iPads for their sales staff, and even being deployed at Zoos to entertain orangutans. And Workhabit is right there, providing all the data components required to deliver both Native and Mobile Web solutions for tablets.

Mobile Apps

46% of U.S. adults use smartphones as of February 2012, and Apple has exceeded more than a billion downloads of applications via its App Store. This means smartphone owners now outnumber those with basic mobile devices. Workhabit publishes and provides mobile connectors for Android and iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) that fully enable native application support directly from Drupal, so now you can reach these customers with the CMS you already have. When you use Drupal to publish, content will automatically be updated for Mobile Applications as well, without your team having to do anything additional, and in near real-time. Publish and receive video, SMS, articles, and pretty much any other kind of content to Native mobile applications, all using standard Drupal interfaces and the Open Source mobile solutions Workhabit has contributed to Drupal.

Facebook & Social

According to Bret Taylor, 425 million Facebook users access the site using mobile devices. Many companies that have a Facebook page, a Twitter feed and a LinkedIn profile ask, “So what does that do for us?” Social networking should be part of your customer communication portfolio. But optimization + integration into your total customer communications strategy needs a plan. Workhabit delivers several levels of integration with Facebook, including direct integration of applications into the Facebook ecosystem. You can choose from content publishing to Facebook channels to full-blown applications that provide interactive experiences between Mobile Web, App, Desktop, Facebook, Youtube, and other experiences in real-time.

Enterprise Data

Workhabit is a Drupal company. That means we use other open source products like Hapoop, Redis, Agile Java, Hibernate, Spring and Node.js to give our customers two critical benefits: The best technology and Zero licensing costs. Massive sites like, the Louvre, Tesla, and others run on Drupal with the exact or very similar supporting stack we provide. SEO, SOA, Data Virtualization are part of our DNA. Multi-channel delivery, data integration, publishing, tracking, reporting: these are the special sauce that distinguishes Workhabit from our competitors. It's what helps us make our clients more successful, too.

Social Commerce

9 of 10 consumers start a purchase with online research. Increasingly, social media is a key influencer by way of recommendations and experiences of friends, family, and trusted online sources. Social Shopping is optimized by combining Drupal as a social framework with best practices for online commerce. Workhabit ensures that organizational knowledge is enriched by integrating online events into your CRM system. This gives retailers insights into customer behavior, extends the online channel, defines business impact. Drupal Commerce provides Social Commerce solutions that can be layered into our applications, allowing your customer to have options when they are ready to purchase on any device, at any time. Workhabit is an official partner with Commerce Guys, creators of Drupal Commerce.

Other Services

Ongoing Support

Nothing is perfect. That's is why Workhabit provides comprehensive support for our clients. We can handle all aspects of support, including day-to-day systems management, ongoing development, and more. Our in-depth support offerings help our clients pay attention to the things that move their business forward instead of their technology operations.

Design & UX

The Workhabit Design, UX and Front-end Engineers develop superior user experience. Our unique approach ensures that your concept is executed in a manner that elicits behavior from customers that achieves your objectives. This is an iterative process. We measure everything until we match strategy with message, design with content, and traffic with transactions. No project is complete until fully optimized.

Performance & Scalability

Workhabit has established a reputation for creating highly scalable Drupal sites that include related technologies. Our experienced team is composed of professionals who have built some of the world's most successful sites: Amazon, Apple, McAfee and many others. Whether you have 25K or 25M daily visitors, our extensive experience with Drupal and full stack performance improvement means your site will scale efficiently and elegantly, change seamlessly and be available on demand.


Migrations are about planning. Whether you're doing a Drupal to upgrade or changing datacenters, Workhabit works with you to develop the plan and flawlessly execute it. Careful due diligence, cut-over, rollback, monitoring, testing and release are steps we've honed into expertise. We’ve completed hundreds of complex migrations for clients, and would love to help with yours.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Workhabit has worked with many leading organizations to design, build, and manage their entire infrastructure. We have experience with all aspects, from security and architecture to release management and continuous integration and testing. We currently manage all types of infrastruture on behalf of clients from small to very large.

Quickstart & Training

Workhabit's Quickstart Program helps you move fast. We offer intensive 1 or 2 onsite programs that will help you set up release processes, code review, change management systems, and assemble a detailed plan for the architecture of your project.

We provide training to client organizations and often work with them to advance their skills and ability to manage parts of their site in-house. This training is done with a combination of person-to-person, classroom, video and onsite training.

Audit, Due Diligence & Review

Workhabit is a company of Drupal experts. We can audit your Drupal implementation and provide a plan for improvement and change. We will provide technical Due Diligence for your potential investment. These services come complete with expert analysis, reports, action plans and specifics on value of status quo versus select changes. Workhabit is in the business of helping you improve the digital component of your business.

It's About Relationships

At Workhabit we pride ourselves on our professional methods and personal interactions. Our goal is to make your project our project. Our internal systems are designed to ensure continuity of communications, milestone agreement and reviews with all stakeholders, regular gatherings to build team identity and engagement, and recognition of success when the project wraps up. Great projects are based on great communications and teamwork. Workhabit builds teams that build great projects.