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Who We Are

Workhabit's Values

Always do the right thing for the client

The most important thing you could possibly do in the course of your career is to make a habit of doing the right thing, every time, all the time. When we work with clients, we encourage our staff to look deeply at what's going to have the greatest positive impact. It’s not about doing what you were asked to do, it’s about doing what you should be doing. And that’s a core principal we teach and stand by.

Always tell the whole truth

There’s a difference between being honest with your client, and being honest with yourself about what you tell a client. It’s important to build trust, and that means admitting when you made a mistake or could have made things better. It’s critical that you are always honest, because that factor both determines the depth of the relationship you have with clients and the ability to look yourself in the eye.

When you give your word, you mean it

Contracts are fantastic: they protect both parties in a way that’s clearly defined. But when you say you’re going to do something, you are either the type of person who does it, or you are not. We only hire and work with people who believe in and subscribe to the You Are philosophy.

The act of getting somewhere is the state of being there

Problems are opportunities in disguise. Being clear about acceptable outcomes and personal goals is core to what we do. So follow your own lead as an individual, and strive to be the same solid and reliable person in every situation. Attention is the energy that creates, so put your energy into what you want to create and become instead of overcome, and success will follow.

Core Team Members

Jonathan Lambert

With four of his own companies under his belt, Jonathan has been building large scale technology businesses since 2005.

Aaron Stewart

Aaron has a deep and diverse background working at companies like Organic Online and Alexa, Amazon's first paid Web Service.

Gary Gogick
Sr. Systems Administrator

Gary has been abusing the Linux command line since 1997, and was one of WorkHabit's founders.

Derek Assour

Derek sits in a throne, hewn from clouds by a flock of cherubim. From this hallowed seat he plays Starcraft and stuff.

Nikko Ambroselli

Nikko looks good in a beret. He likes coding in remote places. Enjoys playing drums.