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AutoTagging Content with Drupal

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AutoTagging Content with Drupal

Written by Aaron Stewart on
Today marks the first beta version of our Drupal AutoTagging module. This has been a long time in the works, and included several conversations between myself and Frank Febbraro, the creator of the original autotagging project and maintainer on the OpenCalais module, which this initiative is designed to facilitate. The goal of this project: Provide a pluggable framework for fetching taxonomy (tag) information from third party services. The initial release of the project supports three different tagging services: So far, the service works beautifully, but here's how to get it going. It's fairly easy to get started.

Download the Module

You can always get the latest module at the Autotagging Drupal Project Page. Download it now.

Install the AutoTagging API Module and at least one Support module

Go to your drupal site's Modules page, and install the drupal autotagging modules. For our demo, we've done all three: AutoTagging Modules Configuration

Configure Vocabularies

Next, we'll go to the Taxonomy settings page. In the Drupal Administrator pane, click "Content Management," then "Taxonomy." We'll configure three Vocabularies, one for each service. This is optional. You can absolutely have one vocabularly shared between all services. The choice is up to you. The three vocabularies that we create:
  • Tags
  • Yahoo Terms Tags
  • OpenCalais Tags
Since these vocabularies will contain arbitrary terms, we check the "Tags" checkbox under settings on the add vocabulary page: AutoTagging Vocabulary Settings Do the same for all three of the above. When you are done, your vocabulary list should look like this: List of AutoTagging Vocabularies

Configure Autotagging Settings

In the Administration Panel, click on Settings, then AutoTagging. If you haven't gotten keys for Yahoo! Terms Extractor or OpenCalais, do that now. The links: Enter the settings as in the below image. Again, you can configure term / vocabularly associations however you like, but for this demo, it's best to configure each service separately so we can compare the tags returned from different services. AutoTagging Settings

Test it out, put it all together

I created a page node with some basic content in it (grabbed off of wikipedia), and dropped Michael Jackson's name in at the bottom to try to trip it up (may he rest in peace). AutoTagging Node Content Click on save, and voila, your node will be populated with tags! By default, Drupal's layout will group all the tags together: AutoTagging Supplied Tags If you edit the node, you'll see the tags returned by each service: AutoTagging Tags - Edit View That's it! If you have any comments, suggestions, or feedback, please let us know! Any other services you'd like to see integrated? We're happy to hear from ya.