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CDN2 Updates and Fixes

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CDN2 Updates and Fixes

Written by Aaron Stewart on

We've been getting reports of intermittent issues with transcoding on our CDN2 service.

After digging around for a while, we've found an issue where messages are not getting delivered through Amazon SQS to our transcode nodes.

The good news is that as of tomorrow morning, we'll be deploying CDN2 to a new scaleable infrastructure that removes the Amazon dependencies. This move will improve performance and stabillity of video uploads and transcoding.

In other news, we've also switched over to CDNetworks as our preferred CDN vendor. Their network boasts more points of presence and far faster speeds than our previous provider. This change has been in effect for a couple weeks now, so I'm sure those of you using the service have seen the performance gains caused by the switch.

We'll be notifying users when the cutover to our new system is complete.