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New version of Drupal EC2 AMI released

New version of Drupal EC2 AMI released

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We're happy to announce that the latest version of our free Drupal AMI has been released: Drupal AMI 1.0 RC1, AWS ID ami-2a8a6d43. Like the previous version of our AMI, it will allow you to install any version of Drupal that you like, at the click of a button.

What's new in this version? At the request of our users, this AMI comes pre-installed with several packages that are dependencies used by many popular Drupal modules, including pear, screen, php-soap, Crypt_HMAC, and mcrypt (both the package and the apache configuration).

For those of your just starting out with EC2, we've published detailed instructions for using our AMI. These instructions are also available as a screencast.

If you are just starting out with Drupal, launching an AMI is a quick and easy way to start, letting you avoid the hassle of setting up your own hardware or getting a system administrator to configure everything for you.

Following the instructions linked to above, use this latest version of our AMI by launching an EC2 instance based on image ID ami-2a8a6d43. Then, enter in the User Data field the Drupal version you'd like us to install. Launch the instance, and our launch scripts will take care of the rest, installing your desired version of Drupal into a preconfigured LAMP stack. Point your browser at the hostname of your newly booted instance and you'll find a Drupal server ready to start using. It's that easy!