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oAuth Working in Drupal

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oAuth Working in Drupal

Written by Kyle Browning on

Over the past few months I have been working on a project to release at Drupalcon DC. One of the various tasks for getting this project working was to find an easy way to incorporate an oAuth server into Drupal.

There is a video here.

It was done using standard Drupal methods of callback menu items, and the use the AnyMETA CMS oAuth server class. I decided not to go with Andy Smiths oAuth Library because of various bugs and the code written is not very readable. The AnyMETA code is gorgeous and I had to do some reworking of the oAuthStoryMysql class to get it talking with Drupal. I should also mention that this doesn't require any other modules to install. All in all Im very happy with the implementation and hope to show further screen-casts of Fernest in use.