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RIP, Beard. An artistic tribute to Nikko's beard.

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RIP, Beard. An artistic tribute to Nikko's beard.

Written by Jonathan Lambert on

It's Friday. And being that Friday is the kind of day where you celebrate the week, today I'm going to be celebrating the death of one of my favorite features of a Workhabiter.

Right about year four of his employment, and shortly after being promoted to Director of Mobile, Kyle Browning grew one hell of a beard. I'm not sure what that was about, but it took him the better part of a year, and he endured the de rigueurs of beard ownership. Some of the better ones were, "How's the unabomber doing these days?," and, "How long have you lived in the woods and do you actually consider yourself a mountain man or is that only on TV?" After a very long while, he shaved it off. For a long time, Kyle will start around the office with enough food in his beard to last through the apocalypse. He would scratch it, and he would pull his beard when he was thinking about hard engineering problems. As someone who's never been able to grow much of a beard, it was like saying goodbye to a friend when it went. I was shocked when I saw him, because he warned nobody.

When I found out that Nikko was going to shave his beard, I put together this video. I realize I could have done better, but I wanted to give the guy a record of what he was about to lose.

So, happy Friday. May all your best qualities as a person shine through.