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POSTED 12/10/2008 by Jonathan Lambert

So, for a while now, we at WorkHabit have been wanting to integrate two of our favorite tools: Google Docs, and Drupal.

POSTED 12/7/2008 by

If you haven't tried to do video online, you'd be surprised at how difficult it is. There's a large number of formats out there, and often your source video isn't appropriate for displaying on a web page.

POSTED 12/7/2008 by
A few questions arose about how to use the Drupal Amazon EC2 AMI we released in August. We added some screenshots to the page to help show how to configure it and clarified the instructions a bit.
POSTED 12/7/2008 by Jonathan Lambert

While Twitter has been the source of many articles speculating to it's monetization potential, no known articles exist that analyze the feasibility and potential market size of Twitter given leading ideas.

POSTED 12/7/2008 by Jonathan Lambert

Is it possible that the nature of user's attention has changed, and continues to change in reaction to a change in communication brought about by social networks? I'm trying to dive into more in-depth, research backed positions about some of the key issues that have been bothering me.

POSTED 12/4/2008 by Jonathan Lambert

Here is a fact: developers tend to overvalue their innovations.

POSTED 12/4/2008 by Jonathan Lambert

Ruven made a really great post about cloud interoperability today:

POSTED 12/3/2008 by Nick Russell

I was just encountered with the need to have a multi-site drupal install which utilized a specific theme for each site. In a lot of cases, multi-sites are set up on one drupal install, but utilize individual databases for each site.

POSTED 12/2/2008 by Aaron Stewart
So during a routine project setup, we had a need to move a SVN repository hosted on Unfuddle to another provider (in this case, Beanstalk).
POSTED 12/2/2008 by Nick Russell
It has been talked a lot that people are experiencing issues with their user's sessions on their drupal sites in Safari. Most experience the same issue: A user logs in, tries to create content and are kicked / logged out and taken to the homepage
POSTED 12/2/2008 by

Workhabit customer YourSphere was featured recently in a case study on

POSTED 11/19/2008 by
We just had an impromptu conversation over here about validating phone numbers that morphed into validating email addresses and more.
POSTED 11/19/2008 by
Information Week has an article that looks at [how success has been achieved by Drupal]( and Alfresco by integrating social and collaboration features into the products.
POSTED 11/17/2008 by
Komodo is a great cross-platform IDE. But I've noticed that as file size increases, Komodo's performance slows to a crawl, becoming practically unusable once files hit 2.5k lines or so.
POSTED 11/11/2008 by Jonathan Lambert

When users control the conversation, there is an interesting tendency for the elevation of users as experts based on contribution.

POSTED 11/6/2008 by
Deane Barker at Gadgetopia asked about how to access the content access APIs for different CMSs. He emailed me to find out if I might be able provide an example for Drupal.
POSTED 11/3/2008 by

It's super annoying when you're looking for a string in your code, so you do a recursive grep, only to get a ton of matches within svn's ".svn" directories.

Here's a solution:

Inside your ~/.bash_profile, insert this line:

POSTED 10/24/2008 by
We just got finished installing floor to ceiling whiteboards around some of the offices and common spaces in the Sacramento office. Here's how you can do it without spending thousands of dollars on large whiteboards.
POSTED 9/29/2008 by Jonathan Lambert
Here's a question that's given me a lot of trouble. I have Joyent, a company that is largely based on Open Solaris, claiming to be a Cloud Provider.
POSTED 9/14/2008 by
My session on Amazon AWS & Drupal at DrupalCampLA. We're walking out the door at DrupalCamp, so I'll get more details up shortly.