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Welcome to the blog. We talk about everything we do here, upcoming events, and a million other things.

POSTED 6/6/2008 by Aaron Stewart
So say you're plugging along, developing like a madman (or woman), and, as can happen, your system needs a hard reboot. It can happen. It's rare. Months will go by for most people without a crash. But when it does, well, MAMP doesn't like to play nice anymore. The specific case that can happen:
POSTED 6/5/2008 by Jonathan Lambert

One of our clients asked us how to structure their SVN repository, and it occurred to me that I haven't read anything about this online for Drupal-based projects, so I thought I'd blog it and see if we can get a dialogue going on best practices for larger projects.

POSTED 5/20/2008 by

WorkHabit will be attending the Jive Software Bay Area User Group / Clearspace 2.x dinner launch on May 20, 2008 at the VMWare campus.

POSTED 5/20/2008 by

There is a lot of noise in the marketplace these days about Enterprise 2.0 and online communities. What I have been finding is that very few people or companie are attempting to answer the question "Why build an online community at ALL?"

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POSTED 4/24/2008 by Aaron Stewart
Talking with one of my coworkers yesterday, we found ourselves in need of testing a drupal module in isolation.
POSTED 4/20/2008 by
Some months ago, I discussed multiple values in CCK using AJAX. A few people showed interest, so here's Part 1 of how AJAX can go together with Drupal.

We'll start with a common use case: checking that a username is available when a new user signs up. After you're done with this tutorial, you should be able to give the new user near-instant feedback on whether or not their username is available. I like to start at my desired result and work backwards, so that's what we'll do.
POSTED 4/17/2008 by Jonathan Lambert

We're working hard to find a new office in Sacramento, as we've already outgrown our 1300 SQ foot office (6 months!). If you know someone, or have an idea of where we can find great new digs in downtown Sacramento, I'd love some help.

POSTED 2/29/2008 by Gary Gogick

I just had an interesting question posed to me. Say you have a site that needs the usual generic http auth stuff. But say you have a few directories that you don't want to require credentials for. And pretend you can't use .htaccess.

POSTED 2/3/2008 by Jonathan Lambert
Just a quick update to let everyone know that our new website is now into it's production phase. We've been so busy with client projects for the last couple of months that we haven't had a single free resource to work on Internal projects, except for our Insidr intranet and AutoPilot.
POSTED 2/2/2008 by Jonathan Lambert

This morning's news rocked the WorkHabit staff, and I've spent the day trying to figure out what to write, and where to post it. We decided to post this up in our blog, and tag it so it gets picked up by Drupal Planet, as this really is Drupal news.

POSTED 11/17/2007 by Gary Gogick

EHLO lolucanhazspam happening too often for your tastes?

Have Postfix respond with, "u sent me spam, but i ated it":

POSTED 11/12/2007 by Aaron Stewart
We had to install a new cluster of servers this week, and during the planning I discovered a notion bubbling into my head: "Ya know, CentOS 5 is going to take forever to install across all these servers if I have to keep swapping CDs."
POSTED 10/28/2007 by

I read an interesting article called "Why Flash is Mostly Bad". Since I began designing in flash years ago, I've become pretty familiar with the major pitfalls associated with designing in Flash.

POSTED 10/26/2007 by

While working on the Autopilot system, I choose to use the php_ssh2 library, which uses the libssh2 library to issue/implement ssh commands. With this module loaded (, one can act as an SSH2 client in php!

POSTED 9/25/2007 by Jonathan Lambert
We had a really fantastic session at the Drupal on test driven development. I took the notes for the session, which moves Drupal towards TDD and continious integration.
POSTED 9/22/2007 by Jonathan Lambert

Hey all, after our talk in Barcelona (video soon) on Autopilot there is a lot of interest. The version we demo'd will be released approximately a week after the conference, as soon as we can attach the new ui we developed in barcelona with the updated codebase.

POSTED 9/22/2007 by Jonathan Lambert

I wrote a very long email for a client bid recently, and it got me thinking a great deal about how agile software and Drupal work together. I know this is a technology tirade, which I'm against, but I was doing a lot of deep thinking on the subject and this client got the (assumedly) benefit. It's actually somewhat undiscussed, but Drupal's object-based (module-based, whatever) approach maps directly into Agile software development quite nicely.

So I wrote down a few thoughts for managers of projects that might provide some ideas about what corporate managers face, and what kinds of concerns members of the corporate Drupal community are facing on a day-to-day basis. It's somewhat interesting to me, and as usual, I'm very interested in your feedback.


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