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POSTED 6/6/2007 by Aaron Stewart

I've submitted a patch to the daterange module so that one can specify before and after criteria as arguments to a view for Node: Created Date.

POSTED 6/5/2007 by Jonathan Lambert

I don't mean to single anyone out here, but this is an excellent opportunity to single out why it's important to back up your strategies with a good technology plan.

POSTED 6/5/2007 by Jonathan Lambert

I really like LinkedIn, but I wish they would do more.

POSTED 6/4/2007 by Jonathan Lambert

Khalid Baheyeldin fixed one of my highest priority problems with Drupal: watchdog support for external logging.

POSTED 6/4/2007 by Aaron Stewart

One of the sites I host had a strange issue today upon apache crashing with the garden variety segmentation fault. The segfault itself isn't abnormal; we've seen it quite a bit with Drupal sites that run either apc or eaccelerator.

POSTED 6/2/2007 by Jonathan Lambert

Well, it turns out, based on a little research, that is actually running on top of the Drupal CMS.

POSTED 6/2/2007 by Jonathan Lambert

Apple has a big writeup today on Drupal at Penn State, or more specifically Pennsylvania Governor's School for Information Technology (PGSIT).

To quote the article on Penn State's needs:

POSTED 6/1/2007 by Gary Gogick
You can't run Drupal without dealing with MySQL. Unless you run it with PostgreSQL. But that's another topic entirely.
POSTED 6/1/2007 by Gary Gogick

We've all heard that before. "FTP is bad! Use SCP/SFTP!" "FTP is a security risk!" "FTP eats babies!"

POSTED 5/25/2007 by Aaron Stewart

Recently we had to figure out how to run XEN with bridged networking for our Now & XEN project. This is how to do it:

Edit /etc/xen/xend-config.sxp:

POSTED 5/25/2007 by Gary Gogick
Lately, we've had clients who have upgraded from PHP4/MySQL4 to PHP5/MySQL5, only to find that they have problems with custom PHP scripts and/or Drupal modules not working any more. When that happens, there's two choices - fix the broken code/modules, or downgrade back to PHP4.
POSTED 5/24/2007 by Aaron Stewart
Recently we've been working with a couple of vendors to identify some potential solutions for scaling backend databases horizontally. This problem has been plagueing, as well as many other large scale Drupal sites.
POSTED 5/23/2007 by Aaron Stewart
After finding myself writing the same form handling code over and over and over (and over) again, I finally decided to do something about it. And then FormCorral was born.
POSTED 5/23/2007 by Jonathan Lambert
Watchdog is a source of a lot of the database corruption and problems with Drupal and MySQL.

Khalid has a patch for Drupal 6, but in order for him to be able to find the time to backport the patch to Drupal 5, we need to sponsor it.

POSTED 5/22/2007 by Aaron Stewart
So one of the biggest things I've run into in drupal-land is that it's virtually impossible to test database interactivity without actually touching the data on a live site.
POSTED 5/22/2007 by Jonathan Lambert
The seven + one things that determine the value of a technology startup and the problem with Defensive patents
POSTED 4/25/2007 by Jonathan Lambert
One of the least considered aspects of Social Networking sites around the build VS buy decision.

POSTED 4/25/2007 by Jonathan Lambert
There seems to be a hell of a lot of confusion about the differences between performance, scalability and high availability. They're often mixed but they're never the same. So what are the differences?

POSTED 4/24/2007 by Jonathan Lambert
At the OSCMS conference, I stood up in a room full of people and went down through the list of concerns I've collected from corporate Drupal customers. Many people came up afterwards and told me to post it. This is that list.
POSTED 3/6/2007 by Jonathan Lambert
A source of an amazing amount of misery for our website customers comes from MySQL CHARSET encoding. Many times, a customer will export their database from their previous deployment, install it on their new server, and discover strange characters embedded in their database.