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FLEX Online

Flex is an American bodybuilding magazine, published by American Media, Inc and was founded in 1983 by Joe Weider.

Flex Online is the powerhouse of all the sites on the Global platform, with the most masculine, “tough” style design of them all. It inherits all of the customization of the Global Platform and is a leading source in men’s bodybuilding world-wide.


Flex Online was developed on a custom, proprietary CMS built in PERL. The AMI editorial team often struggled with content creation, requiring the intervention of their development company to help with HTML markup and PERL script hacking to achieve their desired result. This resulted in a significant delay in time of article publishing and support costs from the developer. The custom CMS was not scalable, often requiring a reboot of Apache and MySQL. The overall c


Migrate Flex Online to the Drupal 6 global publishing platform that was developed for AMI by... you guessed it... US! This migration would put a collection of content types, views, menu systems and rotator components at the fingertips of the editorial team. Install Varnish and Memcache to improve overall server performance and load times.


Utilizing our global publishing system allowed our team to deliver a site in record time (approx 12 weeks). The collection of views and components provided an editorial toolkit of presentation options for the Flex editorial staff. The productivity of the editorial team grew exponentially, requiring only a few minutes to insert copy and images into new articles.

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