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Muscle & Fitness

Muscle & Fitness

Muscle & Fitness is an American bodybuilding magazine founded by Joe Weider, but now published by American Media, Inc. It has a more mainstream focus than its companion publication, Flex. It offers many exercise and nutritional tips, while at the same time advertising a variety of nutritional supplements from companies like BSN, and others.


American Media has reached out to Workhabit to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace by updating their current technology platforms to Drupal.

This project was designed to deliver a Platform of standardized components that would be used to build out a Drupal-based platform, utilizing best of breed technology and approach, that could be used to reduce the overall time and money required to support ongoing operations of AMI’s web properties by streamlining support and upgrades, as well as simplify the creation of future AMI properties.

In order to streamline development and support, the websites was built off of standardized components, a unified theme (customized for each site), and Drupal features to enable updates to standardized components which can then be easily deployed in each site.

American Media needed a new site for Muscle and Fitness


Muscle & Fitness was one of the first sites to be launched on American Media's Global Drupal-based platform. It was really one of the main sites that helped mold the Global Platform into what it is today. Everything from customized taxonomy term pages, to modular, mini-homepage templates, this site really set the standard for how the Global platform would be utilized going forward.


Like all the sites we implemented for American Media, traffic and engagement rose dramatically after the site was pushed live.

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