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Intermedia Vibe Holdings seeked to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace by updating their existing technology platform from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7, currently the latest release of the popular Open Source Content Management System (CMS).

They needed a vendor they could rely on to design, implement, and deploy the site into the Cloud quickly, while seamlessly cutting the site over from their previous platform, so they turned to Workhabit.


Over time, Workhabit has acquired a niche we're kind of proud of. Client's call us when they want an entire platform for engaging customers, and we've developed expertise to do this for every channel. Vibe was one of those calls, so this project was designed to deliver a system of standardized components that could be used to build out a Drupal-based platform, utilizing best of breed technology and approach, that could be used to reduce the overall time and money required to support ongoing operations of Not only can it serve as the foundation for all of the sites that Intermedia Vibe Holdings would want to use Drupal for, it's also Mobile, Tablet and Native Application ready! The new platform needed to provide a unified architecture for future integration of Vibe’s other web properties and will streamline support and upgrades, simplifying the creation of future Vibe properties.


Workhabit conducted a comprehensive 3 week technology audit of the existing website in November, 2011. The focus of this audit surrounded the following key areas:

  • Coding standards/maintainability: Ensure Drupal best practices are used for code readability, security, and performance, and that the code is written in such a way to allow it to be maintained and extended.
  • Content: Ensure Site content is structured properly, maintainable, and that site features and functionality are consistent and working.
  • Site stability / Performance: Ensure the site runs consistently and the site remains up, and that the site loads efficiently and quickly for users and administrators. Ensure that the site is optimized to utilize all server resources effectively.
  • Administration: Ensure administration of site and content is effective for Vibe staff.
  • Design: Ensure design is using best practices for users and administrators.
  • Mobile: Ensure experience works with mobile devices.

After the audit was done, we planned the implementation, including a full set of UX wireframes, customer models, and then implemented the site in Drupal 7.


Our goal for all future builds of this new platform was to develop in a modular pattern using Drupal Features so that each site component could be iteratively improved upon and used across multiple sites. This was accomplished by create a master platform of Features and a master Theme which could be extended and customized for each site as needed. All sites would inherit the same global functionality, while more granular customization either in functionality or in design could be isolated to the site in need.

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